Keep track of every property you work on

Property Details

All the Details You Need to Know

When you create a property you will be required to share a bunch of details that will be used later in the creation of Valuations, or for other features within the app. However, any time there are changes to the property you can easily update the details here in the property profile, and those details will only impact future Valuations you create.

Property Images

Attach Property Images

Attaching property photos is a great way to keep track of property updates over time, as well as a great way to customize your Valuation Packets. Within each property profile you can upload all the most important photos from the property, and choose which of the photos you want to use as the primary image (which can be used in your customized Valuation Packets).

Property Valuations

Keep Track of Every Valuation Completed

One of the best ways to help your clients keep track of their equity is create valuations on a repetitive basis, perhaps at least every six months to one year, or more if desired. By tracking each of these valuations here in the property profile you get a great view of how their value and equity has changed over time. Each time you create a new valuation we will automatically import all the property details to speed up the process!

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