Keep track of your clients and everything attached to them

Client Details

See Their Most Important Details

The client profile helps you to keep track of the most important details for each of your clients. This includes all details such as name, phone number, email address for both the primary client as well as any additional clients you want to attach. This is helpful when your client has a spouse or a co-borrower you want to keep track of as well.

Client Propeties

All Their Properties In One Place

Some of your clients may have more than one property. The client profile helps you keep track of each of your client properties, with direct connections to the property profile for each property. It also features a map view to help you visualize where their properties are located in comparison to each other.

Client Valuations

Every Valuation You've Completed For Them

Property values change over time which is why you will likely want to complete more than one valuation for your clients on their properties. In fact, we recommend creating valuations on a repetitive basis to keep your clients up to date on the value of all of their real estate. The client profile shows you every valuation you have completed for a client to make it extremely easy to keep track of value and equity changes over time, and easily be able to reference and visit past valuations.

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