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Market Area Statistics

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When it comes to market statistics, most sources you can find are either too broad (like the whole city or county) or too narrow (like using a handful of extremely similar properties). If the goal is to present statistics that tell us something about the market, both of these scenarios leave you high and dry. With our market area statistics, we show you the numbers you need to know for the market area that actually matter!

Market Area Properties

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A market area is nothing more than a group of similar properties. They might be from a similar location (like a specific neighborhood), or maybe they are a similar design style or square footage. Whatever criteria you use to define your market area, its important to see the properties that actually end up making the market. The market properties feature allows you to see details and photos of each property so you can gain greater insight into the types of homes you will find in this market area.

Market Area Downloads

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There are a lot of agents in your market, but most aren't sharing any content to position themselves as market area experts. We create customized downloads for every market area to help you quickly and easily share whats going on and help you position yourself as the go-to expert for the area!
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