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We help real estate agents analyze market data, calculate property adjustments, price properties based on supportable statistics, and so much more!

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You want to sell more homes and earn more income. We help you do that by helping you master the market and price properties with confidence!

Make Supportable Price Recommendations

Calculate the adjustments that are needed

No more guessing on adjustments or using outdated numbers an appraiser gave you a decade ago. We help you calculate the adjustments that are needed based on current market data.

Confidently estimate the most supportable sale price

The most supportable price takes into consideration all of the comps and how similar they are. We help you calculate the perfect price based on your adjusted comparables.

Win More Listing Contracts

Show off your market knowledge

Showing your potential client that you are a market expert is one of the best ways to get them to trust you with their transaction. We make it easy to show your market knowledge.

Stand out from the competition

You are likely competing against other agents for most listings. We help you show the client that you go above and beyond the average agent to get them the best results possible.

Create Better Client Relationships

Get on the same page with pricing

Your client may think their home is made of gold, and no matter how much you disagree with them, they won't budge on price. We help you get on the same page by allowing you to present data in a way that helps your client be more realistic about the potential sale price of their home.

Have the important conversations

While price is important, the conversations you have with your clients about price might be even more important. Having the best picture of value possible makes it easy to have the important conversations at the right time.

Avoid pricing issues by being on the same page as your clients

Avoid Appraisal Issues

Prevent issues before they arise

Analyzing property data in a similar way to an appraiser makes it much more likely that you will avoid significant differences in value when the appraisal is completed.

Fight a low appraisal with confidence

If you want to beat a low appraisal, you have to fight it the right way... with data that supports your price. We make it easy to analyze and present data to the lender that may allow the appraiser to consider a higher value.

Maximize the Deal

Help your clients get the best deal

Whether buying or selling, your client wants to get the best deal possible. Having the best picture of value helps you negotiate that deal for them.

Increase your GCI

Helping your client get the best deal possible increases the likelihood that you close the deal. More deals closed = higher GCI.

Five Star Customer SatisfactionGrow Your GCI

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Analyze the market data and calculate property value backed by statistics. We help you complete a simple 7 step process to estimate the most supportable property value and generate a CMA to present to your clients.

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Market Area Stats

Different ares of town may experience different price trends and changes. Our market area stats feature lets you keep a close eye on custom market areas so you can stay up to date with the most imporant changes!

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Keep your clients organized and easily access all properties and valuations you have connected to them. Use the clients feature to keep clients top of mind, or classify them as active, passive, past, or someday clients.

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Monitor changes to property characteristics and value over time. The property feature also allows you to attach a client so you you can easily keep track of who each property belongs to.

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Kevin B

Team Lead, Keller Williams Clients Choice

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