PropertyBrain: Helping Real Estate Pros Work Smarter

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Hi, we’re PropertyBrain. We help real estate pros work smarter…. and we are really excited that you are here reading this post!

PropertyBrain was created out of my desire for constant improvement in my real estate business over the last few years. It has been my goal – or perhaps its better to call it my obsession – to constantly improve my business over time. The thing is, the most common mindset when it comes to improving your business is the idea that you just have to put in more time or work harder than you have been. And while this may be true in the short run, it is not the key to lasting business growth and improvement. The key is working smarter.

What should you expect from PropertyBrain moving forward?

We are going to be focusing on the following topics:

  1. Business Development: This topic includes things such as lead generation, marketing, branding, etc.
  2. Productivity: One of the key aspects of working smarter is getting more done in less time. We are going to talk about ways to increase your productivity, and discuss the tools we use – and other real estate pros use – to maximize time and effectiveness.
  3. Real Estate Specific Topics: This topic will include things such as property valuation, negotiations, contracts, etc.

You may notice as you go through the website – and specifically the blog – that we have a number of older posts. That is because PropertyBrain is not completely new. We used to go by the name “The Real Estate Platform” in the past. So what’s the reason for the name change?

We feel that the name PropertyBrain is a better description of the direction we are moving. Our entire goal is to help you work smarter, not harder. While there are aspects of doing this that still fall under the platform idea – such as branding and marketing – other topics such as productivity and property valuation do not. Also we just really like the new name better.

We are really excited that you are here joining us on this new journey and we can’t wait to help you grow your business!

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PropertyBrain: Helping Real Estate Pros Work Smarter