The Real Estate Agent and the Entrepreneur

The Real Estate Agent and the Entrepreneur

When you got into real estate you probably thought that you were taking on a single job right?

I have bad news for you. You couldn’t have been more wrong…

Although if you are reading this you probably already realize that. If you have been a real estate agent for more than a week I am sure that you know that you wear a number of different hats in your day to day work.

You main job is to help people buy and sell homes. But even that one “job” has many different requirements.

You have to follow up with leads, set up searches, show homes, go on listing appointments, complete CMA’s, write and negotiate offers, attend inspections, attend appraisals, attend closings, and play counselor/baby sitter to your clients.

Ok that last one isn’t true… Even though it probably it feels like it at times.

And thats just to sell homes.

On top of that you are in charge of marketing, accounting, customer service, and even human resources.

When you think about it that way, being a real estate agent can seem a bit overwhelming. Working all those “jobs” seems a bit complicated doesn’t it?

It sure does!

So let’s break it down and make it less complicated and overwhelming.