Property valuation backed by statistics

The Comp Adjuster is designed to help real estate appraisers better analyze market data, calculate required adjustments, and determine a statistically supportable opinion of value.

Better valuation starts with statistics

When it comes to determining the value of a property most real estate appraisers use the old “rule of thumb” method for determining their adjustments. And most use the increasing/decreasing percentages shown by their local MLS to calculate time adjustments.

Not only are these both bad methods, but they can get you in a lot of trouble if the report is ever taken to court.

So what’s a better method?

You need to calculate your own market statistics and use them to determine your required adjustments.

The problem is that up until now, that has been extremely hard to do. But not anymore!

The Comp Adjuster allows you to import market data from your MLS, select your comps, determine required adjustments, run statistics, import your comparables into your form filling software, and come up with a statistically supportable reconciled value…. quickly!

Market Analysis

See What the Market is Doing

Everyone knows that real estate markets go up and down. But how does that affect your comparables? Well, if a comp sold months ago, and the market is increasing, reasonably you know that it would have sold for more if it sold today. But how much more? Comp Adjuster will run the statistics for you, let you select the time frame that is most appropriate, and determine the correct time adjustment that is needed. The best part is that all of this analysis happens automatically, but can be tweaked and altered by your inputs to allow you to best analyze the data based on your professional knowledge and experience.


Backed by Statistics

Comp Adjuster uses a statistical method called hedonic regression analysis to determine adjustments for land, gross living area square footage, basement square footage, garages, and amenities (both interior and exterior). The best part about this type of analysis is that it works just like your brain works. It assigns values to amenities based on contributory percentage, which you get to determine. This allows you to quickly analyze the data, make tweaks to best make sense of the data, and support all the adjustments you make to comparable properties.

Reconciled Value

Weighted Average Value Determination

PRO Feature

Using a weighted average reconciliation approach allows you to give weight according to how similar each comparable is, thereby allowing the most similar comps to have the greatest impact on the value determination. Once each comp has been adjusted in the comp grid, the reconciliation tool allows you to quickly create a statistically supportable opinion of value.

Cost Approach

Quickly & Easily Complete a Cost Approach

PRO Feature

Calculating a cost approach used to be time-consuming. But no more! The Comp Adjuster’s Cost Approach calculator makes it extremely easy and fast to run a cost approach on a property. Simply look up the inputs, enter them into the calculator, and in less than 2 minutes you can have a completed cost approach.

Paired Sales

Isolate Individual Adjustments

PRO Feature

Want to know what that mountain view is worth? How about the swimming pool? The gold standard for isolating individual adjustments is through the use of a paired sale analysis. In this type of analysis, you would find two properties that are the exact same except for one variable. The problem is, this scenario almost never exists. In our paired sale analysis tool you can select two very similar comparables, and adjust for all the statically calculable adjustments (calculated in the Adjuster feature) and once the homes are fully adjusted, except for the one last variable you are trying to isolate, you will have successfully determined the value of that variable.

Better Valuation Means More Appraisals in Less Time

The more appraisals you complete, the more money you make, right? Well, for many appraisers, the time required for each appraisal limits the amount of assignments you can take on. And while there is no way to completely eliminate the time associated with an appraisal, we can work on making the appraisal process as efficient as possible.

Unfortunately many things that speed up the process also decrease the quality of the report.

Comp Adjuster was originally created to import comp data into appraisal software, to save appraisers the time associated with inputting comparable data into the grid.

But we didn’t want to stop there…

We also realized that the analysis and determination of adjustments was an extremely time consuming part of the appraisal process.

By using statistical analysis to calculate time adjustments, and recommended adjustments for square footage, garages, and amenities we can not only speed up the process a ton, we can also increase the quality of the analysis and the report.

Get Started with Comp Adjuster

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  • Side-by-Side Comp Grid
  • Weighted Average Reconciliation
  • Paired Sale Analyzer
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Have a question about Comp Aduster?

Here are answers to our most common questions

Does it work with my MLS?

Currently Comp Adjuster works with the following MLS systems:


  • Pikes Peak MLS
  • RE Colorado


Don’t see your MLS listed? Fill out the form below to request having your MLS added!


Is the Comp Adjuster an AVM?

No it is not an AVM.

With an AVM, such as the horrible valuation tools used by Zillow and many lenders, the mathematical model determines the value of a property based on a pre-set algorithm, which most of the times is far from being correct.

With the Comp Adjuster, you use your experience to guide the tool to analyze the market, calculate the required adjustments, and determine the opinion of value.

We believe that the best way to value a property is to combine the experience of local real estate professionals, with solid statistical analysis, to determine the best possible opinion of value.

Do I have to download any software to my computer?


We designed the Comp Adjuster to be a fully cloud-based tool that can be accessed from any computer that has access to the internet.

Does the Comp Adjuster work on mobile phones and tablets?

Yes… and No.

Technically, it will work on any device that can access the internet.

However, it is not mobile or tablet optimized, so the user experience will not be the same on those devices.

Why is that?

We wanted to create the best valuation analysis tool possible, and unfortunately, that means we need more screen space than a phone or tablet can offer. Using the Comp Adjuster on a laptop or desktop computer will give you the best experience possible, and allow you the best ability to analyze the statistics and determine a property’s value.

Can I access past valuations?

You sure can!

Your user dashboard will show you the valuations you have completed in the past. You can log back into any of them to review the data and see the opinion of value anytime.

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