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Campaign Builder | Real Estate Marketing for Agents

Campaign Builder is a simple & fast way for agents to create social media campaigns for all your listings. Create entire campaigns in just a few minutes, and get your listings in front of more potential buyers!

Schedule social campaigns in a few minutes

Most real estate agents post their new listing once or twice on each social media platform, but that’s not enough! With Campaign Builder you can create & schedule campaigns for each of the top platforms including up to 15 posts per campaign, depending on the social platform. And you can do it all in just a few minutes!

Works with the most powerful platforms

You don’t need to be on every platform. You just need to be on the platforms that your potential clients are on. We focus on the four we believe have the most impact on your business.


Harness the power of Buffer

We absolutely love Buffer, which is why we created Campaign Builder to work in perfect harmony with it! When you combine Campaign Builder’s automated campaign creation power with Buffer’s scheduling and posting power, you get use of one of the best real estate marketing tools on the market.

Depending on how many listings you will be posting, you may be able to use Buffer’s free plan. But if you want to really put Campaign Builder to work, we recommend signing up for the Buffer Pro Plan… it’s the same plan we use for all our social media scheduling.

Scheduling with Campaign Builder is super easy!

Consistency is the key…

Have you ever come up with a plan for all the great posts you are going to share for a new listing, only to realize weeks later that you never followed through with your plan?

We feel your pain.

Which is why we created Campaign Builder. We know that one the hardest parts of social media has been being consistent with your posting… but no longer!

Campaign Builder allows you to create and schedule entire campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn in just a few minutes. And it doesn’t just work with new listings. Create coming soon, price change, and sold listing campaigns too!

Creating and scheduling an entire campaign all at once ensures that your listing gets the exposure it needs. The best part is that Campaign Builder makes it so easy! Just fill out the property info form, select your desired campaign length, and schedule the posts Campaign Builder creates for you!

Ready to give it a shot?

Get Started with Campaign Builder

Pick the plan that fits you best


$35 per month


  • Unlimited campaigns per month
  • Flexible campaign length
  • Facebook scheduling
  • Instagram scheduling
  • Twitter scheduling
  • LinkedIn scheduling
  • Works with Buffer

Yearly (Save 20%)

$350 per year


  • Unlimited campaigns per month
  • Flexible campaign length
  • Facebook scheduling
  • Instagram scheduling
  • Twitter scheduling
  • LinkedIn scheduling
  • Works with Buffer

Have a question about Campaign Builder?

Here are answers to our most common questions

Do I need a social media campaign for my listings?

Short answer… Yes!

Longer answer…

Creating a social media campaign for your listings can be extremely powerful. Exposing your listing to your audience more than once can go a long way towards generating interest in the home.

The average agent (you don’t want to just be average do you?) posts a single post about their new listing, and potentially never posts about it any other time. We know that posting about your listing in each phase of its life cycle can have much greater impact.

So why not just repost the same post multiple times?

Repeating the same post over and over doesn’t create any additional value to your audience. Exposing them to a series of posts that show them additional information about the listing does though!

Campaign Builder is designed to help you create coming soon, new listing, price change, and just sold posts in a very short amount of time, and it will expose your audience to all the details about the home that you want them to see!

Will my followers be annoyed with more posts?

Only posting a single post about your new listing may seem like enough… but it’s not!

The average Facebook page get’s approximately 4% exposure to its audience. That means if you have 500 followers, only about 20 of them are seeing that new listing post you shared.

That’s not good!

You want to get your listings in front of much more of your audience, right?

The best way to achieve this is by posting more!

Campaign Builder is designed to help you share multiple posts about each listing, in each phase of its life cycle. By sharing more you are more likely to get in front of a larger portion of your followers.

More exposure = greater ability to sell your listing!

How long does it take to schedule a campaign?

Campaign Builder is designed to be fast! Creating and scheduling a campaign takes approximately 5-30 minutes depending on how fast you go. As you use the tool more and more you will be able to schedule a campaign in very little time!

What’s the process?

  1. Select your campaign type (Coming Soon, New Listing, Price Change, or Sold Listing)
  2. Fill out the property details form (Includes details such as general info, listing info, highlighted areas, features, etc.)
  3. Select your platform and number of posts (For example: Facebook 10 post, Instagram 5 post, etc.)
  4. Schedule each post in the campaign (Simple click of a “Schedule It” button to open Buffer. Then select your post time and click “Schedule Post”)

Do I need to use Buffer?

Campaign Builder was designed specifically to work with Buffer due to our belief that it is the best social media scheduling tool on the market. To fully utilize the power of Campaign Builder, you need to have the ability to schedule posts for a future time and date. Buffer gives you this ability.

But, if you don’t want to use Buffer you don’t have to. You would just have to copy each of the posts and save them somewhere else, and then post them live at your preferred time & date.

How much can I customize the posts in my campaign?

Each post has a set template, but can be highly customized with the content you enter into the “Property details” form. You can use basic information for things like features such as “a covered porch” or “quartz countertops” if you would like. Or you can use more descriptive terms such as “a large covered front porch with a water fountain”  or “ice white quartz countertops in the kitchen and all bathrooms” to give your posts an even more customized feel.

Each campaign also gives you the ability to use a few “Descriptive words” to make the posts more detailed. For example, using terms like beautiful, remodeled, charming, etc. can help to add details to your posts.

Have something you want to add to the post before you schedule it?

Let’s say you want to add the phrase “This home shows like a model!” to one of the posts. No problem, just add it in the Buffer post tool before you schedule the post.

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